Integrational Psychotherapy

Jason Kanter, LMSW

WHO I AM:   I am a psychotherapist and yoga therapist. My practice is in New York City and New Haven, CT. I have extensive experience in individual, group and family therapy. I have also taught yoga since 1992, and have studied numerous body-mind modalities, all of which I utilize in my work with people.

WHAT IS INTEGRATIONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY:   Integrational Psychotherapy is a body-centered approach to healing which integrates psychotherapy with yoga and various forms of movement and bodywork.

MY APPROACH:   Initially, I strive to create a safe "container;" a trusting environment within which people can enter into a process through which they may find compassionate self-acceptance and peace of mind. Here, the particular complexities and nuances of a person's experience can naturally emerge and be comfortably explored. Utilizing the body as a vehicle for enhancing self awareness, we work together to facilitate a present-moment consciousness that opens the door to healing.

"Jason is an amazing support with an array of strategies to help you feel whole, balanced, grounded and just plain great. Ever present and compassionate, he keeps you focused on the right path with right effort and assists with the excavation of soul and spirit. Very simply -- he's a spectacular teacher and therapist." --H.C., New York City