Integrational Psychotherapy Principles

I base my work with people on three core principles:

  1. In order for healing to be complete, the healing process must be comprehensive in that it must incorporate all of the various aspects of our experience;
  2. Because we store our life experience in our bodies, our bodies become an essential resource in the process of healing our wounds and diminishing our suffering; and
  3. As we are able to cultivate and strengthen our connection to present-moment experience, without judgement or agenda, we gain an ability to perceive our experience differently, and this shift in perspective is the doorway to healing.

I thus draw from various eastern traditions (such as yoga and Taoism) as well as western perspectives in psychotherapy and movement (such as Chakra Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Somatic Experiencing and Bodymind Centering) and various forms of bodywork (such as yoga therapy, Tai Massage and Trager) to ensure that the physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of experience are integrated with the intellectual and the psycho-emotional in the healing process.

"Jason really helped me. I learned how to focus better on what's important in my life and how to make better decisions. Working with Jason helped me bring more balance into how I dealt with everyday life.

"I had been beset by several personal and medical problems. They all seemed overwhelming to me until I started working with Jason. Through his help, I learned how to deal with things in a more constructive way, and it led me to experience life in a fuller perspective than I had before."
-- S.O., New York City, May, 2012