How Does Integrational Psychotherapy Work?

Challenges are a part of life

In the course of living our lives, stresses and challenges are inevitable. Often we feel we can handle them alone. But sometimes getting the right kind of support can make a big difference in our ability to successfully negotiate and resolve the more complex or recurring problems we encounter.

Suffering is a product of experience

Our suffering in life is usually a combined product of our past and present experiences, and the filters through which we perceive them. These experiences register in our bodies and over time become stored there and manifest in energetic holding patterns which we experience as tightness, discomfort or pain. Stress, for example, causes our bodies to tighten. Over time this tightening slips into our unconscious without our realizing it, creating chronic energetic holding patterns which can be uncomfortable and debilitating. This holding in our bodies in turn influences our sense of well-being.

The impact of this process on us can manifest in many and varied ways. Among them:

Releasing stored patterns

By consciously releasing these stored holding patterns in the physical body that block the free flow of our life energy, we create an environment wherein psycho-emotional issues that impede a positive sense of well being can move from our unconscious into our conscious awareness where they can be seen clearly, processed and worked through. We can thus experience more flexibility and balance in the face of the unpredictability of life, creating choice and freedom of movement. We find that we are then able to move from a place of contraction and fear to a place of expansiveness, spontaneity and love.

A safe container

The first step is to help clients develop a safe container for their self-exploration, and then by utilizing the appropriate therapeutic tools, to enter with them into a process through which they may find compassionate self-acceptance and peace of mind. We therefore strive to create space for all of the various aspects and manifestations of experience to emerge in order to ensure that the physical, energetic and spiritual are integrated with the intellectual and emotional in the healing process, promoting synthesis and a resulting sense of well-being. Utilizing the body as a vehicle for enhancing self-awareness, we work together to facilitate a present-moment consciousness that opens the door to healing.

Integrational Psychotherapy: A reliable resource

Life is complex and challenging. Our experience manifests in many and varied ways, and sometimes it's difficult to sort it all out. Psychotherapy offers a reliable resource not only for problem solving but also for enhancing one's life. Whether our struggle is with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addiction, or grief, it can make a huge difference to have an ally - a person who will hold these struggles with you - a skilled and sympathetic presence who can provide counsel and healing.