"What I enjoy most about working with Jason Kanter is his ability to integrate the work of Body, Mind & Spirit, all in one session! I've always seen the spiritual arena as crucial to balancing the day to day challenges and obstacles of life, but to combine this with a body-centered approach that also utilizes the creative components of spiritual psychology and yoga, made therapy a weekly experience to look forward to! The chance to work through my problems from the inside out: beginning with sensations and feelings, and then adding the integrative component of processing those experiences in the here and now. It's like slowing down and re-shaping old patterns by listening to the body I'm living in today".
-- R.F. New York City

"I worked with Jason during a period in my life when I was in a major transition and found the experience transformational. Jason holds a very safe, sacred space and is a compassionate, clear and grounding presence. I experienced very deep emotional and spiritual healing with him. I was able to cultivate connections and relationships with my body and my soul that have grounded and centered me in my life in ways that have been essential and life giving. I learned and grew so much working with Jason. I am deeply grateful and feel very blessed to know and have gotten to work with him".
-- K.O., New York City

"Jason is an amazing support with an array of strategies to help you feel whole, balanced, grounded and just plain great. Ever present and compassionate, he keeps you focused on the right path with right effort and assists with the excavation of soul and spirit. Very simply -- he's a spectacular teacher and therapist." -- H.C., New York City

"Jason really helped me. I learned how to focus better on what's important in my life and how to make better decisions.

"Working with Jason helped me bring more balance into how I dealt with everyday life.

I had been beset by several personal and medical problems. They all seemed overwhelming to me until I started working with Jason. Through his help, I learned how to deal with things in a more constructive way, and it led me to experience life in a fuller perspective than I had before."
-- S.O, New York City

"Jason Kanter is the complete package. He brings depth of soul, generosity of spirit, nuanced intelligence, keen perception, compassion, emotional honesty, humor, and the integrity of a gifted, mindful healer to every individualized yoga therapy session. Hence, he inspires me to try to do the same.

"Finally, after many years of frustrating yoga classes with well-intentioned teachers, I found Jason. His skilled instruction has opened my eyes and heart to yoga as a process of continually finding my way, rather than judging myself for not getting to the mat more often or being unable to achieve certain idealized poses in one size-fits-all classes. I know whichever movement or position I take on under his personal supervision, I am emotionally and physically safe, carefully aligned and not at risk of injury. I don't get lost in the back of a crowded class.

"Jason makes sure that I pay attention to my own body, my own breath, my own feelings, guiding me in the yoga way, providing a safe, encouraging, and sacred (but not self-righteous) environment to explore, relax and heal. He structures each session according to what is concerning me ("Today I want to work on grounding."), or what goals I have ("I'm feeling stuck and need to move forward.").

"Unlike traditional talking therapy, Jason's yoga therapy gives me more than insights (though he provides plenty of those). He helps me identify what my body is experiencing as I feel specific emotions then teaches me the appropriate tools to heal myself.

"Accordingly he brings a wealth of knowledge and a wide array of methods in the mind-body process that are tailored to my individual needs on any given day:

"He seamlessly integrates all this into generous 90-minute sessions. And because Jason is an MSW, his healing is reimbursed by some insurance plans."

-- R. K., New York City

"My work with Jason started 12 years ago. I had experienced traditional psychotherapy and thought I had some level of self-awareness. A friend had told me about working with Jason in a body-centered approach, which had a powerful effect. In searching for a therapist, I had met with several psychologists, all of whom charged me for a brief consultation. By contrast, Jason spoke to me for over an hour by phone - without any mention of money - to learn about me and determine whether he could help me. This says it all about Jason. His focus is on his clients - on doing the work to heal them with compassion.

"That is what Jason has done for me. I had been bullied as a child and teenager. The experience left me wounded with chronic, extreme muscle tightness and psycho-emotional manifestations related to fear and anger - such as hyper-vigilance (i.e. constant worry).

"Working with Jason, I gained body awareness and then mind-body connections that deepened my self-understanding and instigated deep healing. I do not know of any other true practitioner, who combines healing modalities, compassion, wisdom, and consciousness in Jason's unique way. Jason has my highest respect and recommendation. I am happy to serve as a reference."

-- A. L., New York